Firstly, we will arrange an assessment lesson to ensure that we understand your needs but also to assess your level and learning style. It is an opportunity for you to see whether you and your  teacher get on well and whether this is exactly what you are looking for! Once the tutor assesses your learning style, they can then start designing the specific lesson plans for you.


  • flexible language lessons at your office or small group lessons in Holborn
  • native language trainers with MA in Language Teaching
  • experienced teachers
  • one to one  language lessons
  • language training in 14  languages
  • available  throughout London within zones 1-3

14 Languages



22 Tutors




4 STUDENTS Maximum

We offer lessons at beginner level in Holborn. This course is taught once a week. You will start from the very beginning at a slow pace with a friendly teacher and in a very small group of 4 people. Unlike in a large group, you will get more time to speak and practice what you learn during the lessons as your teacher will have more time for each student.  Your teacher will put great emphasis on developing your speaking and listening skills and  you will gain confidence by talking to other people in your small group.

About clients reviews

What Clients Say?

Rio from London, UK

Learning a new language can be quite a daunting task, especially when you do not have very much experience in a language that is very different to your own. But learning with Zuzana and the London School of Languages, has been an absolute pleasure. So much so, that it's making me want to learn even more languages! I always looked forward to my intensive lessons, as Zuzana would come prepared with new things to learn, in interesting ways, on all sorts of subjects. I always felt encouraged to learn and had fun at the same time, making it so much easier to learn.

Rio from London, UK

Dan from London, UK

I am very much enjoying my lessons with Kata and am pleased with my progress. She is always thoroughly prepared and flexible and challenges me to push me further. The lessons are varied and interesting and I very much look forward to them.

Dan from London, UK

Nick from London, UK

My language teacher is very enthusiastic and the lessons with her are always fun and productive. I started as a complete beginner but after 3 months of combine course, I now consider myself an ‘elementary’ level speaker and writer. My progress is far better than I expected. Thank you!

Nick from London, UK