Being able to speak  more than one language is crucial in today’s global business world. We offer a tailor made service for businesses who require language training for their staff. Our students make, on average, fast progress from level 1 to level 2 in just 20 lessons, more than four times the rate of courses offered in large classes of 12 – 15 students.

We are happy to help firms and private  individuals to improve their language skills. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced language speaker, London School of Languages can help you to achieve your goals. No matter what is your availability we guarantee maximum progress. Your teacher will provide you with feedback on a regular basis to ensure that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Want to learn privately?

Firstly, we will arrange an assessment lesson to ensure that we understand your needs but also to assess your level and learning style. It is an opportunity for you to see whether you and your  teacher get on well and whether this is exactly what you are looking for! Once the tutor assesses your learning style, they can then start designing the specific lesson plans for you.

How did it go?

After the initial lesson is over we would like to hear your feedback. We will email you to ask whether the lesson went according to your expectations and advise you on a specific course which we think will be most suitable for you. In an unlikely scenario when you are not happy about your  teacher we will assign you a new one.

Your Teacher

We choose our teachers very carefully to ensure that they are higly qualified native speakers of target language and experienced  teachers with  a great personality.  We believe that their passion for languages and ability to motivate will have a great effect on students learning.  Unlike large schools who often meet their teachers only once at the interview session, we talk to our small group of  teachers regularly to discuss each student progress.  This is because we would like  to believe that we all are part of a small family who know each other well and have the same aim- to achieve each student language goals. In addition, our tutors use a communicative approach which encourages students to talk straight from their first lesson.

Our Offer

  • flexible  language lessons at your office
  • native language trainers with MA in Language Teaching
  • experienced teachers
  • one to one  language lessons
  • language training in 12  languages
  • available  throughout London within zones 1-3