• Quality Slovak courses with a native Slovak teacher
  • Modern school with Interactive whiteboards 
  • Great location in central London - Holborn
  • Small group courses with no more than 4 students
  • Friendly teachers who will make learning Slovak fun
  • Language options to suit every budget

Private Tuition

At London School of Languages we believe that learning a language should be fun,  enjoyable, dynamic and still be of a  high standard. We offer one to one tuition where you can learn from the convenience of your home, office or even meet your teacher in a quiet café.  We are positive that one to one lessons will maximize your learning. Our students make, on average, fast progress from level 1 to level 2 in just 20 lessons, more than four times the rate of courses offered in larger classes of 12 – 15 students.

Small Courses

We offer small group Slovak courses at all levels in Holborn. Lessons are taught once a week. You will start from the very beginning at a slow pace with a friendly teacher and in a very small group of 4 participants. Unlike in a large group of 12-15 students, you will get more time to speak and practice what you have learnt during the lessons as your teacher will have plenty of time for each person in your group.  Your teacher will put great emphasis on developing your speaking and listening skills and  you will gain even more confidence by talking to other students in your small group.

Skype Lessons 

The main aim of skype lessons is to take students around the world without ever leaving the classroom. You can learn from the convenience of your home or office anytime it suits you. We encourage our students to learn from the place most comfortable for them as this may positively affect their learning. Skype lessons are live learning activities taught by professional language teachers. The price for 60 minute private skype lesson is £30. 

Lessons in Slovakia

The main aim of lessons taken in Slovakia is to take students directly to the country where the language is spoken. You can learn from the convenience of your hotel, our classrooms in Kosice or Bratislava or if possible from your office in Slovakia. We encourage our students to learn from the place most comfortable for them as this may positively affect their learning. Being immersed in a language taught by professional language teachers is what makes your learning special. The price for 10 hours private Slovak lesson over the weekend in Slovakia is £380. 

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The only school in the UK with more than 10 Slovak teachers 

Next Course Dates 26 February 2018
Number of Students Max. 4 students
Location Clubclass, Holborn, 28-30 Theobalds Road
Evening Time 7pm - 8.30pm
Level Beginner / Lower interm. / Interm.
Price £280 
Number of Weeks 10
Length 90 minutes

Beginner                                                               (10 Lessons)     £280
Beginner + Lower Intermediate                           (20 Lessons)     £460
Beginner + Lower Intermediate + Intermediate   (30 Lessons)     £640

Course Books

Colloquial Slovak by James Naughton and CD, ISBN 978-0-415-49634-6
Krížom – Krážom, Slovenčina A1, kolektív and CD, ISBN 978-80223-2441-0

Term Dates fo 2018 are now open

Level Group Name Lesson Day of Week

Course Start

All levels Trnava 1 - 10 Monday 26 February 
All levels Bratislava 1 - 10 Tuesday 13 March
All levels Levoca 1 - 10 Wednesday 18 April
All levels Vysoke Tatry 1 - 10 Thursday 17 May
All levels Bardejov 1 - 10 Monday 4 Jun